I know that being a hipster
and using old technology is cool,
but upgrade your browser.

24G is a digital agency that empowers brands, agencies, and corporations with digital experiential solutions at live events, online, and in the workplace.

Innovation Enablers

We take a challenge and use the latest in emerging technology to twist it and shape it into compelling solutions for a variety of uses – on-site, online, in-store, social sharing, and on-brand.

Spear-point Knowledge

Augmented Reality? Yes, we did.

Virtual Reality? Been there. Done that.

Raspberry Pi and Physical-to-digital interactivity? Rode that bicycle.

Artificial Intelligence? AWS? Watson? Echo? Check. Check. Check. Check.

Experience Intelligence

Our success is built on thousands of hours of R&D on the latest technological breakthroughs. What’s the latest shiny object? We are already playing with it.