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Our Locations

There is no place like home and 24G's home is not your traditional office environment. No "cube land." No office park or multi-story office building where you recognize the floor by the plant in the lobby. Our space is a refurbished bowling alley transformed into a multi-disciplinary creative agency space. We kept 10 of the lanes in working order, but we brought the scoring system into the digital age. The heritage of the space is intact with wood from the old bowling lanes converted into tables and desk tops and the iconic 20th century signs repurposed but largely unchanged to preserve the patina of age.

Our main office is located in Troy, Michigan. We also have two smaller offices located in Chicago and New York.

Who We Serve

24G has a global client base and we’ve helped our clients empower their brands all over the world. From Toronto to Thailand or Columbus to Copenhagen, as the song says "We've been everywhere, Man."

Dog Friendly

One of the benefits of working at 24G is that we welcome our canine friends. So if your dog is one that lives up to 24G’s commitment to professionalism, feel free to have them help around the office for the day. Between the doggie water dish in the kitchen and dog post outside we have your canine covered.

Coffee Machine

Coffee Please

Coffee is the lifeblood of any workforce. The coffee machine can make you a fresh cup of joe, an espresso and many other drinks. So, whether it's to start the day or to keep working late into the night, we've got your java fix covered.



There is such a thing as a free lunch! Everyday at 12:00pm lunch is provided for all 24G staff. The lunch consists of local fare and enables 24G employees to enjoy dining together on the tastes of metro Detroit without having to leave the office.


Free Beverages

If coffee is not giving you the jolt you need, our fridge is stocked with Coke, Mountain Dew and other assorted beverages. No need to run to the store just take a walk down to the fridge and grab your beverage of choice.

Bowling balls


Struggling with a problem and need to unwind? Then wind up with a bowling ball. The bowling lanes are for both employee and client use. So, if you have any spare time, bond with clients and coworkers alike with some healthy competition in one of our 10 bowling lanes.


Fun Environment

Many companies say they have a fun working environment. Well while working at 24G you may very well end up bowling a game and riding a Segway, a Rickshaw, or play with a dog, all in the same day. 24G fosters an environment where employees can enjoy a work day that is both productive and fun.



We pride ourselves as a team of Ninjas. And teamwork is one of the biggest contributors to 24G's success. You'll work in a fast-paced, collaborative environment with people who have a diverse set of skills and interests that carry through after the workday is done.


24GenNEXT is 24G's initiative to empower the next generation of STEAM learners
to harness the power of technology to bring their creative ideas to life.
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