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Amazon Global Workforce Staffing

The Challenge: 

Activate Rapid Learning Deployment Model to train a large, regionally diverse team of recruitment personnel in order to hire 1 million Tier I Amazon warehouse, fulfillment center staff in 2019-2020. Learning assets must be transitional to be used in live classroom, distance learning and coaching applications.

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The Solution:
Develop modular learning content using blended and game learning theory to improve engagement and increase adoption of best practices within the recruitment and hiring processes.

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The Implementation:

Modular content design that links to Amazon LMS for completion credit and tracking, T3 (virtual and in-person) for 8 week bootcamp program for 100+ facilitators, “The Candidate” empathy simulation for remote an in-person experiential learning, Amazon Basecamp LXP for curriculum architecture and improved learning engagement, in-person and virtual group and one-on-one coaching.