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Unlock the Science of Houseplants with genNEXT@Home

Get hands-on with houseplants to add greenery to your home.

Providing essential benefits like food and oxygen as well as practical benefits, including boosted attentiveness and productivity, plants certainly play an important role in our daily lives. At 24G, you’re sure to spot plenty of office and desk plants handled with care #AroundTheAlley. In fact, our crew’s green thumb really showed when we broke ground on a 24G Community Garden earlier this year. You can now find its fruits and flowers nestled behind our office, next to our dog park.

In this month’s episode, we delve into the science of houseplants. Get ready to grow and care for your own plant with 24G UX/UI Designer and plant enthusiast Jos Snell as she explains the best practices for houseplant growth and care. Follow along with our genNEXT@Home tutorial video here:

Show us how your houseplants are growing on Instagram using #24genNEXT for a chance to be featured!

Get started on another genNEXT@Home activity here: genNEXT@Home | YouTube Playlist.

Find out more about our 24genNEXT giveback initiative here:

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