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The Learning Revolution: Top Training Trends

In pursuit of optimal user experience and engagement, today’s learning, training, & communications industry is transforming—for the better.

Gone are the days of stuffy, information-packed training sessions spent cramming and testing in the depths of HR’s office. Today’s learning, training, and communications industry has transformed—for the betterment of learners. If the phrase “learning, training, & communications” is any indicator, what was once referred to simply as “training” has evolved to incorporate all strategic and production elements known to enhance learning engagement and retention.

On our latest episode of the Transformation Alley by 24G podcast, we addressed the seismic revolution presently taking hold of the learning landscape—forcing the field’s expansion into the marketing and communication sectors. Get up to speed from 24G Director of Learning Services Leanne Knowles in this excerpt:

With a focus on technology, communication, and entertainment media and an eye for what’s next, as Knowles aptly put, our 24G Learning, Marketing, and Communications Services teams produce branded learning content and curricula that informs, connects, and fuels employee engagement. Top training trends, as employed by our team of instructional designers, currently include:

1. Learning Experience Platforms (LXPs)

Due to the expectations placed on education today, a Learning Experience Platform, such as 24G LXP, is crucial for the success and sustainability of any substantial corporate learning program. An LXP works with or without an LMS to deliver specialized learning courses and content—regularly scheduled or urgently needed—that are designed to enhance the skills of each employee within an organization’s training and development program. With a proper LXP in place, learners have the opportunity to advance their career knowledge through on-demand courses and key communications on any device from just about anywhere.

2. Entertainment Media & Production

With the endless stream of high quality, binge-worthy entertainment media available to choose from at an instant, today’s learning content must stack up. Training and development media that fails to be retained due to rudimentary, passive modes of media production is all too common among emerging training programs. However, learning content is meant to be remembered. And the most effective learning content combines the practices of creative media production, as proven by our 24G Media Services team, to entertain as much as it informs.

3. Gamification & Incentivization

We’ve all heard the phrase, “If you build it, they will come;” and through the lens of incentivized learning, this particularly holds true. In implementing a digital learning environment that rewards users for course work, a learner becomes increasingly motivated to unlock more learning content—and all the badges, trophies, and certifications that come along with it. Add gamified elements directly into the LXP itself in the form of participation points, company leaderboards, and exclusive prizes, and professional development merges with the company’s culture, offering a unified, transparent approach to learning.

4. Social Learning & Connectivity

Across all industries where innovation and agility is valued, peer to peer learning is one of the most effective forms of learning. Providing opportunities for employees to connect virtually in this expedited, technological age is essential—especially at organizations where remote or hybrid work is the standard. In advancing social networking features within an organization’s learning program, including internal LXP profiles & connections and external social presences, such as private Facebook Groups, the transfer of peer to peer knowledge is made accessible, connecting mentors and mentees across all fields and specializations.

5. Live Training Competitions & Events

A lively, vibrant community of peer learners, brought together through an organization’s LXP, social media networking opportunities, and previous organization gatherings, deserve one thing: a regular opportunity to show up face-to-face as learners. Physical events are the window to live learning demonstrations and workshops. Whether it's hands-on training courses, competitions, or other community events, bringing the team together for continued learning is where cross-department connections are born and where established relationships are enhanced.

Ready to implement today’s top training trends into your organization’s learning program? Read more about our learning strategies and reach out to us at

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