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Transformation Alley by 24G Now Streaming Everywhere

Earlier this year, 24G set out to pilot a new podcast series dedicated to exploring the digital trends and challenges of companies undergoing digital transformation. With that, Transformation Alley by 24G was born.

Today, on International Podcast Day, we’re proud to announce Transformation Alley by 24G is now available across all your favorite streaming platforms. We invite you to subscribe wherever you listen today.

Launching first on YouTube, we shared our innovative brand solutions and industry insights, including many of the 24G clients we currently support and help guide through their own digital transformation efforts. We discussed digital training with the Volkswagen Academy, explaining the benefits of a gamified learning experience platform to keep employees engaged and up to speed from anywhere. With our partners at Czarnowski, we relived the complexities and subsequent client wins that came with delivering live experiential event solutions in the middle of a global pandemic. We examined the shaping of the digital future and reported our predictions for where the market is headed next.

The challenges and opportunities ahead will only continue to grow and become even more technologically complex and exciting.

You can subscribe to Transformation Alley by 24G at any of the popular podcast subscription services listed below..

New episodes are coming soon!

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