Maximize your online marketplace potential with 24G.

Our first-hand Amazon retail experience combined with 24G's world class automated data solution technology, has resulted in client average of more than 240% growth in the first six months of 24G partnership. Our client base features some of the biggest selling companies in their sectors, with service levels that are constantly expanding to capitalize on new trends, retail channels, and technologies.


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24G has built our Amazon Marketing Services team into a powerhouse for our clients. Our client base spans across more than 100 categories and represents more than $2 billion in total sales annually, with over $1.5 million in Amazon ad sales every month, across the globe.


24G manages more than 200,000 client SKUs for our clients across hundreds of different product categories, and thousands of simultaneous ads.





What we do:


  • Advertising and Campaign Management

  • SEO and Content Optimization

  • Promotions and Deal Management 

  • Merchandising Strategies including Brand Store and A+ Content Support

  • Amazon Beta Program Partner

  • Inventory Management and Support

  • Search and Social Management including Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram and more

  • Complete Management of all Amazon Advertising ad types, including DSP

  • Optimization of Walmart, Home Depot, DTC, and other online retail channels

  • Proprietary technology with Riverguide  automated keyword and bid management

  • Real-time keyword harvesting and negative keyword implementation

  • Data Analysis and Weekly Reporting


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World Class Technology to Power Your Sale

Our proprietary, AI-driven 24G Riverguide platform provides a centralized portal for vendors and sellers to drive incremental sales, optimize campaigns through AI, and most importantly, ignite new Amazon growth while maximizing ROI and profitability.


Riverguide automatically optimizes bids, strengthens key campaigns, and provides speed and automation to your full keyword workflow. Our industry-leading technology capabilities, blended with our white-glove account management and oversight service, delivers a best-in-class support model to our clients. That's why our clients grow with us—and stay with us.

Get the most out of your promotions​.

Running Amazon Vendor Self Service Deals requires a multi-prong approach to maximize revenue. We understand the process to ensure ample inventory, profitability, and how to orchestrate your marketing dollars in tandem with your sales discounts. Let us help you with all aspects of VSS Deal setup and execution.


  • Lightning Deals

  • Best Deals

  • Price Discounts

  • Deal placement and optimization

  • Post campaign analysis




Reach your audiences using exclusive Amazon data and placements on Amazon websites and apps through the Amazon DSP. Complement your Amazon media with robust targeting strategies to expand reach and amplify your message across the web using the #1 rated DSP, Basis.

Through strategic set-ups, real-time optimizations and ongoing analysis, our 24G team of certified programmatic experts can help you achieve your top of funnel marketing goals using highly targeted and effective display, video, and native programmatic campaigns.


We can help any size business.

From local startups to international enterprise businesses, advertising specific or full service product management, reaching new customers and increasing product revenue is now easier than ever. We partner with you to develop a strategy based on your objectives, leveraging real-time data to provide transparency and optimize your investment.