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Animate Original GIFs with genNEXT@Home

Personalize your messages with
custom, animated GIFs.

Have you ever taken the time to find the perfect GIF response, but nothing felt quite right? Ever wish you could just make your own GIF? Well, now you can! Get ready to design your own colorful, cool, cute, funny, one-of-a-kind GIFs to share with your friends and family in our latest genNEXT@Home tutorial. First created by Stephen Wilhite, GIFs have been lighting up digital messaging since 1987; now nearly one billion GIFs are shared per day! In fact, the continued rise in popularity of GIFs sparked the recent launch of our 24G Giphy Channel, where all of our brand GIFs are housed. In short, a GIF is a quick animation or video message. They’re used by people of all ages across the globe and often express a message that can be difficult to say with just words alone—like a recognizable scene from a movie or a silly, quick-witted response.

In this genNEXT@Home episode, 24G Video Intern Mary Firestone leads students through the process of GIF making. Get out your director chair, prepare for action, and start making custom GIFs along with us here:

Send us your GIFs on Instagram for a chance to have your masterpiece featured!

Get started on another genNEXT@Home activity here: genNEXT@Home | YouTube Playlist.

Find out more about our 24genNEXT giveback initiative here:

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