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genNEXT@Home Shows Learners How to Design Their Own Neon Lights

Add a pop of color and creativity to any space by designing your own neon lights signage.

Get ready for a bedroom glow-up with the help of neon lights! Used in the marketing industry for the last century, neon lights and signs have historically served to promote a specific product or business. At 24G, neon lights are a staple element of decor #AroundTheAlley—serving as functional art (art that provides a utilitarian purpose) by differentiating specific areas of our office, like our print station and coffee bar. Today, the at-home neon light trend is exploding, with record spikes in web searches for “neon room” and “LED light signs” reported.

In this genNEXT@Home episode, 24G Art Director Lisa Romatz leads scholars through the process of creating neon light decor. Drawing inspiration from 24G’s high-tech office space, this tutorial will show you how to design, engineer, and sculpt your own neon light signage to personalize your space. Get started by following along with the new genNEXT@Home video tutorial here:

Share your handcrafted neon signage with us using our #24GenNEXT hashtag on Instagram for a chance to have your artwork featured.

Get started on more genNEXT@Home activities here: genNEXT@Home | YouTube Playlist.

Find out more about 24genNEXT’s mission here:

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