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Create Paper Circuit Artworks with genNEXT@Home

Control electricity with paper circuits to give your artwork an extra spark.

Electricity is all around us. First discovered in the 1700s, by the 1800s it had become a practical staple in our everyday lives. That means people have been regularly using electricity for nearly 200 years. As a digital agency, 24G has embraced the electric future since its founding. Our technological awareness, coupled with our automotive experience, eventually led us to develop the EV Academy: an online school dedicated to educating automotive professionals about Electric Vehicles (EVs for short), EV technology, and safety.

Though a seemingly mysterious force, electricity is really just a flow of energy—so let's get the positive energy flowing! Prepare to design and engineer paper circuits to electrify works of art with our new genNEXT@Home tutorial. In this episode, 24G Facilities Engineer Shaun Wolverton unveils the proper procedure for engineering custom paper circuits to add captivating light technology to your artwork. Follow along here:

Insider Tip: We recommend investing in a Teacher Created Resources STEM Starters: Paper Circuits Kit on Amazon for all the materials needed for this project. Unlock more insider tips by joining our mailing list here: 24GenNEXT Insiders Club Newsletter.

Show us how your paper circuits shine on Instagram using #24genNEXT for a chance to have your project featured!

Get started on another genNEXT@Home activity here: genNEXT@Home | YouTube Playlist.

Find out more about our 24genNEXT giveback initiative here:

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