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New genNEXT@Home Episode Uncovers the Creative Process Behind Time-Lapse Photography

Compress time to create stunning videos using time-lapse photography technology and techniques.

Prepare to compose time with time-lapse photography on a new episode of genNEXT@Home! A technique regularly employed by the 24G Media Services team, time-lapse photography compresses a sequence of photographs—often captured in an extended time-frame, from minutes to months—into a quick, high-quality recap video. You can picture it as hitting the fast-forward button when watching a lengthy video.

In this genNEXT@Home episode, 24G Senior Media Manager Carl Scott demonstrates the step-by-step process behind capturing stunning time-lapse photography. Utilizing the native technology built into many smartphone devices, such as iPhone and Android, genNEXT scholars will learn the keys to time-lapse success. Start your time-lapse by following along with the new genNEXT@Home video tutorial here:

Share your time-lapse photography with us using our #24GenNEXT hashtag on Instagram for a chance to have your artwork featured.

Get started on more genNEXT@Home activities here: genNEXT@Home | YouTube Playlist.

Find out more about 24genNEXT’s mission here:

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