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The Return of Live Events-and the Future of Virtual & Hybrid

Welcome to Transformation Alley by 24G, the 24G podcast dedicated to exploring the trends and challenges of companies undergoing digital transformations.

In this episode, 24G CEO Scott Wiemels and 24G Chief Strategy Officer RIch Fahle discuss the current state of live experiential events as well as recent advancements in virtual and hybrid event strategies with Betsy Matz, Executive Director of Experiential Production at Czarnowski Collective.

Over the years, 24G has partnered with the Czarnowski Collective of companies on a number of experiential-focused projects, from serving up gamified tennis experiences for Mercedes-Benz at the US Open to a number of large virtual event experiences during the stay-at-home pandemic period. It’s been a turbulent 18 months for experiential agencies, and event companies of all kinds, as the event world scrambled to deliver event solutions to keep people and organizations connected remotely.

With the pandemic finally showing signs of receding, live events are back in full swing, but with some new additions and changes gleaned from the virtual world.

In this discussion, Matz discusses the big shift back to live in-person events, and the hunger to gather together again in the flesh.

“I really feel like what's happening is the pendulum is swinging way back the other way toward in-person events. People were so inundated with the virtual digital solutions for so long by necessity that there's such a hunger to get face to face that we are seeing people packing summertime [with in-person events] which is traditionally actually a quieter time for brand activations and live events… But I do believe it's going to settle back into a more hybrid solution towards the Fall and the Winter as we sort of see how things play out with the pandemic and with vaccinations.”

24G and its partners are always adjusting to meet our customers where their needs are today, with an eye on where the pendulum is swinging for tomorrow’s needs.

Find out more about our experiential support here, or get in touch with us today at to learn more about how we can bring digital magic to your next event.


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